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UIM Aviation

Missionaries Flying To Where The People Are

huichUIMA was created to help establish native, local churches among the Native Americans and Hispanics.

Through the airplane, we help provide logistic support to missionaries who are ministering to the remote tribal people of Mexico.

We do not just transport missionaries but we try to become intricately involved in the ministries we serve by assisting the missionaries any way we can. This may include:

  • Helping with Community Development
  • Purchasing Supplies
  • Flying in Short Term Teams
  • Medevac Services
  • and much more...

Reaching Remote Indigenous (local, native) People

In the rugged Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico, UIMA pilots continually fly over indigenous people groups that are yet unaware of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

UIM Aviation is dedicated to reaching these people by utilizing the skilled personnel and equipment God has provided. We partner with tribal missionaries, the local Mexican Church, and humanitarian relief teams in order to advance the development of indigenous churches within their own unique cultural orientation.

UIMA Introduction Video

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